Sacred Shield (NERF)

One additional paladin note is that we are moving the initial tick of Sacred Shield to the end. We didn’t want players to feel like the right way to play was to constantly cancel and overwrite the bubble.

If anyone read my previous post about holy paladins abusing holy shock in pvp and pve and getting nerf cleaved, well apparently people did the same with sacred shield and now the spell has been effectively gutted for pvp… Nice one douche bags.

At present based on this change, it is no longer a better option than eternal flame, which is not too bad because i preferred the hot over the shield but i can see this as rather frustrating when we hit 90 and especially for tanks who are already taking tons of spike damage.


Holy Shock “Batman”

Hello chaps,

Just a quick post regarding the sudden hot fixes to holy shock, now if any of you are playing paladin in 5.0.4, you will have noticed that a lot of people were specing into holy to go as dps. This is not how the game does work or should work.

Early abuse of mechanics will often result is crippling nerfs to the class we all love to play. Now, myself i play retribution because common-sense dictates… If you want to heal, go holy… if you want dps, go Ret. However each to their own, because of people abusing the powerful base damage and scaling of holy shock, yesterday blizzard announced it had nerfed the base damage of holy shock.

See bellow of a detailed breakdown:

In a recent hotfix to the game, we reduced the base damage and increased the spellpower coefficient of Holy Shock.

At level 10, Holy Shock damage has been reduced by 85%.
At level 85, with LFR gear, Holy Shock damage has been reduced by 39%.
At level 90, with normal raid gear, Holy Shock damage will be approximately equal.

Now all in all this was a warranted nerf but i feel blizzard did the typical chainsaw massacre when it comes to fixing low level scaling… Oh well, for all you silly holy paladins that went around 2 shotting people in bg’s… Your tears feed me.

Back with a vengeance

Hey guys and gals, been a long time since i posted anything of value on this blog, after my email account tied to this blog got hacked, a lot of irl problems stacked up with the ensuing headache as you can imagine and both my blogging and gaming kind of took a back seat.

But thanks to the great people at WordPress i now have access to my forum and will be posting regularly, especially with the upcoming 5.0.4 patch (MOP pre release patch) coming up on wednesdsay and the wonderful and slightly frustrating changes it will bring, there will be plenty to write up on i am sure of that.

Also i am planning on starting a youtube channel where i will post some videos, so you if want feel free to check it out.

Thanks for reading and cheerio.

Okay today i was just working on my Youtube Page when a RL friend shared a link of the new viral ad campaign for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

I must say this has to be one of the most interesting gimmicks from Capcom yet. Now being a massive fan of Resident Evil, i immediately logged onto the site and got my links done. It’s really well done.

The link to the site is: http://www.umbrellasciences.com







Back in action…
















Hi all


It has been a while since i logged onto wow or this blog due to a demanding new job and my technician certification all over again (nightmare).  Anyway upon my return a lot has changed, some apparently for the better and some well maybe for the best…: P

I have still not had the time to rig up my machine to log into wow with my char, but I thought that since I am working away from the UK, I may as well ask which of my rl friends were still playing wow actively.

In before TLDR, I was really shocked to see some of my friends who are diehard wow fans had quit the game altogether, some had plans to move onto SWTOR, some just lost interest and some of the more elitist jerks just quit wow because they are jerks… you know who I am talking about :P

The attrition rate of those who left wow  has recently spiked, I can say this not only from data available from a questionnaire conducted by mmo champion  http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/2433-Patch-4.3-Interviews-Blue-Posts-Diablo-III-Beta-Art-Gallery-Update, but also from my own person friends.

Most of the old players who introduced me to the game, hard core raiders, pvp gods and goddesses … All have felt the candle flicker

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good debate just as much as the next guy or gal but i don’t really play this game for a life style but more for what it actually is *whispers* a game…

I know there were some of my friends who were the first or second on the server to get achievements like Starcaller or Light of Dawn, some farmed the eye just to get the phoenix hatchling, so on and so forth… And come cataclysm felt the game had been dumbed down into oblivion (moot point).

For example one of my RL friends who was a hardcore raider with one of the better guilds on my server complained that with the rate of mounts and companions available in cataclysm achievement score (EPEEN Alert) and rare Arial and land mounts had become a dime a dozen.

In his defense whilst I agree that the availability of pets and mounts has dramatically risen, compare this to the previous expansions such as Wrath and TBC and you are not far off, simply explained… New content is new content.

I mean come on, imagine playing this entire expansions without the ability to replace that ridiculous mechanostrider :D

But it didn’t end here… Asking around on forums and generally on FaceF***, there were some who felt that cataclysm could not deliver in terms of other areas such as richness of content or class balancing.

Now you see, here I must play the devil’s advocate. In all fairness to the game developers, this game is very unique, it allows players to experience a environment that has been well developed and researched with the odd pun and geeky reference for all us Monty Python fans.

In addition to the thought and effort that goes into making the “world” interesting and authentic the game offers the addition of social networking and many lasting friendships have been made across borders by people who were once complete random(s).

Now don’t get me wrong, i am not a blizzard apologist nor am i am pretend know it all 1337 speaking ubertroll but what I am about to say genuinely merits consideration ( or so I feel).

In general there are two very narrow classes of players in the wow community, with various sub classes somewhere in the gray areas.

Player 1: The Elitists PVP/PVE (I am better than you because i have played this game since vanilla and just raided my face off for the light of dawn achiv and now my eyes are bleeding) AKA: Mr. Why so serious?

Player 2: The GnerdRager (God blizzard why can’t you balance x class and nerf Y class now can I has moar expix loots plox) AKA: You forgot to take your valium again didn’t you?

Player 1:

The serious elites generally snub anyone who has not experienced vanilla Warcraft, using loosely hashed terms such as scrub for the uninitiated, in strictly PVE terms they relish the “good old days” and despise anyone who is not a serious raider with at least 4 chars decked out in XXX GS with Y achievements, maintaining a bank alt and several farming alts whilst juggling a guild officer position and updating the guild website in addition to having no life whatsoever.

In PVP Terms; they usually hang around the auction house and will generally demine anyone not sporting a 2200+ rating.

In addition to these interesting traits, they enjoy reminiscing on days past and continue to pontificate how good the game was in Vinalla and when “purples” were really “purples”… *rolls eyes*

Here is how I generally feel when someone rants on and on about how “good” this game was in Vanilla:

Apt… Don’t you think.

Player 2:

The Gnerdrager… This particular player is often found lurking the forums and will usually be one of the annoying lot who constantly request /duel  quickly followed by /chicken  and /laugh emotes.

The above player feels victimized because in his or her opinion their favorite class is not “balanced” or “broken”, they usually complain about PVP despite having little or no Arena Experience or RBG experience for that matter and will never be satisfied with patch notes, updates or new goodies.

The Gnerdrager is your adolescent teenager at his or her finest; they hate everything and like nothing. Generally schooled in the world of FPS, they fail to understand the concept of RP in a MMORPG and if it were left up to them PVP would be about as balanced as lobbing stones at each other all day or launching thermonuclear warheads from your characters Ar$e…

Now whilst both of these class of players bring a flavor to the game, generally people should remember that at the end of the day this is just a GAME, please treat it as such and not as a lifestyle.

And to all the QQers out there, this one is for you:

Back in business.

Hi all. Just a quick post to say that i am back on wow after a long break and will be posting my musings here on a weekly basis for those of you who care to read.


Thanks for all the emails and support whilst i was away.  My char Pandia will be located on Sha’tar EU server.


It is a strange weekend for me this week, whilst i have had an amazing pre christmas party but at the same time i am slightly saddened that will be leaving horde and moving to the Alliance.


My decision to move to the alliance comes as most of my real life friends have now left horde and moved to pvp realms i am now stuck in a very friendly and awesome guild yet my heart yearns for the whitestone walls of stormwind.


After much consideration and deliberation i have decided to move back Alliance next week. I still have a few guild applications in the pipeline but i will be seeing which one considers me.


I will update my character page when i get the transfer done, salamar, Grognak and Asif… See you on the Alliance side guys. I want to take this time to really, really thank Malestorm guild The Sha’Tar EU for all their lovely support and friendship over my short time with them.

However recently i have been growing weary of the future lore of the horde and the Alliance looks much more appealing in that department too.




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